We are a small, hard-working consulting firm based in The Hague,
With experience to promote your brand, products or services.
We are able to attend demands with different skills.


Much more than customers. 

We have partners!

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About VvG?

A Brazilian that met the love coming from another continent and changed my life! I left Brazil, to live in Holland. From independent professional suddenly I became wife, mom and learning a new language – the Dutch, and there’s still a lot to learn -. We decided to start my own Marketing Consulting Company, the activity that I used to do in Brazil for over 10 years.

With all the daily activities, I concentrate myself in do not forget that the biggest priority of my career is to have time for my family! A challenge for someone capable to dedicated herself intensively to the career, with the rewards of getting a smile of my boys when we are together!

I’m happy with my work, to attend my clients and to be recognised by the work done. Slowly the list of clients grows. I’m not in a hurry! I have small children that need my attention now.

If you are looking for someone to be fully available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, than it is not with. But, if you prefer a personalized attention, with possibilities of a personal relationship, getting to know the person that is working for you, I will be happy to talk with you.

I’m committed with deadlines and projects that work for. I want to grow with my clients.

This is me, Virginia van Gessel – VvG Consulting

And you? Please, tell me how can I help you?

e-mail me: vvg@vvgconsulting.com

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